The Sesame Whitehall DDA Lift is a set of horizontally retracting stairs with an upper rising barrier, an on lift barrier, and handrails that rise with the lift.

The Sesame Whitehall DDA Lift
  • Minimum horizontal pit length


  • Minimum platform size

    1630mm x 1346mm

  • Maximum rise


  • Minimum pit depth below lower landing



  • The Lift

    The Whitehall DDA Lift uses an on lift rising barrier and handrails that rise with the lift to fully enclose the user. The handrails used can be specified by the client. Pleas see On Lift Barriers for more information.

    The lift table can be made to accept any cladding material, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth.

    Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift can vary due to site requirements. However, they are more than or equal to:

    1626mm (l) x 1200mm (w) x 0-2999mm (h)

    Please click on The Lifting Actuator link for more information on the mechanism used to raise and lower the DDA lift

  • The Stairs

    The Whitehall DDA Lift can accommodate up to 21 stairs, or a total rise of 2999mm. Typically the maximum rise this lift can travel is restricted by the ceiling height as the handrails that are fixed to the lift need overhead clearance.

    Please see retracting stair technical page for more information.

  • The Upper Landing Barrier

    The Whitehall DDA Lift uses an automatic rising barrier at the upper landing level.

    Please click on the following link for more information on the Upper Landing Barriers

  • User type

    The Whitehall DDA Lift is for seated users and standing pedestrians. Please see on lift barriers for more information.

  • System Requirements

    The Whitehall DDA Lift can comes with a solid stainless steel skirt below the lift. Please see concealing the underside of the lift for more information.

    For details on the power supply please see the lift power supply.

    For general details on the pit depth please see the lift pit.

    If the surrounding area presents a crush zone the lift table can be fitted with safety edges to detect an obstruction. Please see Crush hazards surrounding the moving lift for more information.

    Please see The Sesame Stair Lift Controls for more information on the controls for this style of lift.

  • Variations To This Lift

    If you do not want to see the handrails on this lift you can use the Sesame Westminster Equality Act Lift. However this system is more expensive.

    If there is not enough pit space for the stairs to retract horizontally then the Seattle ADA Lift allows for the stairs to retract vertically.

    If it is a platform only lift for standing and wheelchair users please see the Windsor Mobility Lift.

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