Pit depth

This is the area under the lower floor level, which houses the platform lift mechanisms. The pit depth is dependent on the rise of the staircase, as per the pit depth chart below:

Lift typeTotal riseRequired minimum pit depth (including cladding and bedding space)
This is the smallest depth that can be accommodated and is required for our Sesame Jubilee Lift or the Sesame Thames Stair Lift0 to 999 mm160 mm plus the thickness of the cladding.
Horizontally retracting stair lift such as the Kensington Stair Lift0 to 650 mm450 mm (including cladding and bedding)
Horizontally retracting stair lift such as the Sesame Regent Stair Lift0 to 999 mm650 mm (including cladding and bedding)
Vertically retracting stair lift such as the Sesame Victoria Stair Lift & Seattle ADA LiftAll850 mm for the Victoria & 1,640 mm for the Seattle
Rising button box on lifts such as the Sesame Knightsbridge Stair LiftAll1,350 mm
Rising barrier on upper landing on lifts such as the Mayfair Stair Lift0 to 999 mm1,600 mm below the upper landing finish floor, or 650 mm below the lower landing floor when the rise is between 950 mm and 999 mm
Rising barrier on lift on lifts such as the Sesame Whitehall Stair Lift0 to 2999 mm1,800 mm below lower landing finish floor (1,600 mm on special design)

If you have concerns about pit depth, please contact us – we may still have a solution for you! Our design team can work around pit restrictions to some extent, especially in cases where the area below is designated for rentable space. Get in touch, and we’ll help you find the right solution.