The Thames Retracting Stair Lift has horizontally retracting stairs and employs our low profile lift technology. The upper landing can either have no barrier (for lifts with a rise less than 500mm), or a manual/automatic gate.

The disabled access lift itself requires a pit of just 160mm (plus the thickness of the cladding specified).

  • Minimum horizontal pit length


  • Minimum platform size

    1619mm x 1212mm

  • Maximum rise


  • Minimum pit depth below lower landing

    160mm + lift cladding


  • The Lift

    The Thames Retracting Stair Lift uses our low profile wheelstop technology. A solid stainless steel toe guard rises around the platform lift to prevent wheelchairs wheels from rolling off the access lift. Please see On Lift Barriers for more information.

    The lift table can be made to accept any cladding material. Note the thickness of the cladding affects the pit depth required.

    Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift can vary due to site requirements, however they have minimum dimensions of:

    1619mm (l) x 1212mm (w) x 0-750mm (h)

    If the height is between 750-999:

    2172mm (l) x 1212mm (w) x 751-999mm (h)

    Please click on The Lifting Actuator link for more information on the mechanism used to raise and lower the stairlift.

  • The Upper Landing Barrier

    The Thames Retracting Stair Lift in this example does not have an upper landing barrier as the rise is less than 500mm

    Please see Upper Landing Barriers for more information.

  • User Type

    The Thames Retracting Stair Lift is for wheelchair users only. Non wheelchair users are often presented with a wheelchair to use when travelling on this lift. Please see on lift barriers for more information.

  • System Requirements

    The Thames Retracting Stair Lift comes with collapsible bellows acting as the skirt below the lift. Please see Concealing the underside of the lift for more information.

    If the surrounding area presents a crush zone the lift table can be fitted with safety edges to detect an obstruction. Please see Crush hazards surrounding the moving lift for more information.

    For details on the power supply please see lift power supply.

    For general details on the pit depth please see lift pit.

    Please see The Sesame Stair Lift Controls for more information on the controls for this style of lift.

  • Variations to The Thames Retracting Stair Lift

    If an upper landing gate is required the Cambridge Part M Lift can be used, this system also shows an alternative for standing users but the pit depth is significantly deeper.

    The removable hand held post can be replaced with a permanent button post allowing for independent use of the lift as seen here: Regent Wheelchair Stairlift in London. This system also shows our standard design wheelstop which requires a deeper pit depth.

    If there is space at upper landing and the rise is over 500mm then our rising barrier can be used as shown here: Mayfair Stairlift in Manchester.

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