Cladding the Sesame Lifts

Sesame stairlifts can be clad with any material you require – marble, stone, concrete, carpet… anything! The finish of our lifts is of paramount importance to us, so we want to ensure we get it right. Please note that cladding labour and materials are excluded from our initial quotes.

The gap between moving parts should be less than 10 mm. When dealing with stair treads that are hundreds of years old, they are often worn down by foot traffic. This means that the gap may be 8 mm (less than 10 mm). Sesame can work with decreases in the gap in worn-down areas. If this is the case, Sesame can reduce the minimum gap to 5 mm. However, we can only allow for a further 5 mm of worn-down stone. Any more than this will require the stone to be replaced or the existing stone would need reworking by the stonemasons.