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When choosing the best stair lift it is important to consider many factors. The first on the list is usually the budget. The Sesame system project range in our opinion is the best stair lift range of products out there. However you get what you pay for, the Sesame system range is more expensive than your off-the-shelf units.

Sesame design, build and install each Sesame system to the client’s needs and specification. While we do have a standard design for each product, the widths, riser heights and cladding thicknesses generally change from site to site. We can cater for this as when an order is placed the design process begins to ensure we supply the best stair lift for each site.

Once the product is chosen based on budget there are other considerations to then look at to end up with the best stair lift. The aesthetics are generally the next step. If you have chosen the Sesame system then the aesthetics and quality of lift would generally have ranked above the budget in the list of priorities.

The Sesame system is designed to blend into each environment to which it is installed. The clients specify the cladding that goes on the lift plate, the stairs and the upper landing. The Sesame design team then modify the unit to accept the specified cladding to ensure the client gets the best stair lift possible. We specify 8mm flexible bedding adhesive that bonds stone to metal. If the Sesame design was standardised, when the cladding thickness changes the bedding will increase or decrease which reduces the integrity of the adhesive.

All the mechanical elements that we fabricate here in our UK workshop are not seen. It is the final cladding that makes all the difference. The lift blends into its surroundings. Sesame engineers will clad the lift plate, the stairs and the upper landing service hatches as these are all pre-cut sizes made to order. The client will generally supply the material as the same cladding is being used in bulk around the Sesame best stair lift.

Another factor to consider when choosing the best stair lift possible for your access issue is quality of product. All of the Sesame parts are sourced and fabricated here in the UK. The parts go through a thorough quality control examination at the design stage, through the build and onto the installation commissioning.

We design each Sesame system on Autodesk Inventor software which allows us to draw a unit in 3D then stress analyse the unit on the computer screen. As a rule of thumb however the assemblies are over engineered to ensure the best lift stability. Once the units are made they are stress tested in the workshop with twice the safe working load.

In many instances the best stair lift for the building would not take up any pit depth due to restrictions below. The lift could be on the second floor or a car park could be below first floor. In this instance we have a product that only requires 100mm pit depth; alternatively the 100mm can be ramped up using flaps fixed to the lift. Please click on the following link to view this style of stairlift product


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