Chair Lifts For Stairways - Allow a wheelchair user to use the stairs

Chair Lifts for Stairways

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Sesame Access Systems hold the patents for horizontally retracting stairs that reveal a platform lift to carry the user to a different landing level and vertically retracting stairs that form a platform lift to carry the user to a different level. Both of these solutions result in wheel chair lifts for stairways that enable a wheelchair user to use a ‘regular’ staircase.

Specialising in providing wheel chair lifts for stairways in protected and historic buildings Sesame Access Systems can literally make the stairway disappear and allow a wheelchair user to ‘use the stairs’. We feel this is important as it does not exclude anyone from using the stairs. How often, if you are physically impaired, have you had to find an alternative route – often having to separate from your group – to go up or down stairs. Buildings that offer chair lifts for stairways that can help service providers meet their duties under the Equality Act 2010. This is often a factor when applying for planning permission to make what is a dramatic alteration to a listed or historic building.

English Heritage and Heritage Scotland support high quality wheel chair lifts for stairways adaptations to Listed Buildings, if the disabled access solution protects the architectural significance of the buildings. English Heritage’s Easy Access to Historic Buildings 2010 is a key document that explains the English Heritage access strategy, and clearly states how they support high quality wheelchair access. They also heavily support DDA compliance, so by following the requirements for English Heritage you usually comply with DDA. Although English Heritage does not endorse individual products, they have approved Sesame Access Systems wheel chair lifts for stairways into Listed Buildings.

If the rise of the lift is less than 1 metre then it is possible to have only a wheelstop, which rises 100 mm, on the platform to secure the wheelchair user. In this instance the Sesame Access Systems are strictly only wheel chair lifts for stairways. According to British Standards, should it be required that standing passengers are also to use the lift then it would be necessary for the lift platform to have barriers to secure the standing passenger on the wheel chair lifts for stairways. Whether it is a lift with a wheelstop or barriers, both will be level with the ground floor when the stairs are retracted, or dropped, if requested. Once the user is on the platform they will raise fully to secure the user, before the lift platform rises to the alternate landing level. In all cases a rising barrier or gate on the upper landing will protect other pedestrians from the resulting drop when the stairs have retracted, or lowered. This barrier or gate will lower or open respectively when the lift has reached the upper landing level allowing the user to leave the Sesame Access Systems lift platform.

Whilst in the main it is Public and Commercial buildings that require wheel chair lifts for stairs, it is also possible to have a Sesame Access System lift installed into a domestic property. This is usually to enable a wheelchair user to get up the step to the front door.

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