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Handicap chair lift


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It is tricky to choose an ideal handicap chair lift, what with the numerous possibilities that are available, but the idea of a staircase that can also double as a disabled lift may seem too far-fetched to be a reality. However with Sesame Access, these types of lifts are exactly what we excel at and we have installed our lifts into many well-known landmarks in the UK, including town halls, colleges and Heritage buildings.

We have also been installing our handicap chair lifts in customers’ homes since many of them have a flight of steps leading up to the front door. With such a lift installed, disabled people can get in and out of their homes by themselves without any undue stress.

Disabled access has been a vital issue for a long time and the UK has gone a considerable way to improving the current situation through acts such as the Disability Discrimination Act, requiring public transport providers and companies to provide reasonable adjustments for those people with walking difficulties or other disabilities. Similar edicts have been introduced in many other countries, particularly in France where all public French buildings have to include a means for disabled people to enter their premises. As such, we are also looking to mainland Europe for more leads and it looks like we will be installing more lifts in that region.

One example of the work that we do is a lift that we have installed in the Bevis Marks area. This handicap chair lift includes a button box, a control panel, a service hatch, an automatic gate mechanism complete with gate and a wheel-stop. This lift is clad in limestone to mimic the surroundings and to make it almost invisible to passers-by.

In order to install the handicap chair lift, the site pit had to be cleared and the lift was brought to the site in parts which were then fit together by the engineers. The control units and electrics were fitted to the lift so that the lift could rise or lower using the button post.

As with the above case, the handicap chair lift is concealed by a staircase that can move away when a wheelchair user wants to use the lift. When the stairs are retracted, the lift platform comes into view and the lift user can move onto the platform. Once onto the platform and the wheelchair are stationary, the wheel-stop or barriers can rise up and stop the user from falling off. The hydraulic chair lift then rises to the upper level and the barriers are lowered so that the user can exit the platform and continue on their way.

We can give you a quote for a bespoke lift that can be fitted into any type of staircase and can provide a great feature to your building that will impress all types of people, whether wheelchair users or not. Our prices have been tested over a long time and as such you can be guaranteed a great deal on such an important product.


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