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Our home lifts can fit almost anywhere within the home. Have a look at more of our projects here

British Standards state that home lifts should be controlled by press and hold controls where the user must continuously apply pressure on the button so that the lift can move up and down. However in certain situations this arrangement is not ideal for the lift user. The standards in many cases are excellent guides for safety, however the safety guides within the standards do not always cover every scenario.

At Sesame, our home lifts accommodate all kinds of disabled people since we design each lift to the customer’s requirements. They can decide on the size of the lift and whether they want to fit any additional features such as control posts, automated doors or rising barriers. These home lifts are built to comply with British Standards and are fully patented. Our clients are aware of this which gives them full confidence in our lifts.

As an example, we have been installing a lift for a very high end client at his house in London complete with a wheel stop, a lift automatic system and door activation. The client also requested the installation of a key fob, button plates and a door activation system to ensure that the lift does its job properly. The keyfob allows a client with restricted movement to control the lift without having to reach out for a lift or wall mounted control panel. The rising barrier fitted to the home lift prevents the wheelchair for rolling off of the lift in event of an accident. The home lift is clad in Whitton stone to provide a pleasant finishing touch to the product and to avoid the risk of any exposed corners or sharp edges. Our lift gives the client the independence to go in and out of their house without needing to have someone else around to help them up and down the front step.

A lot of houses have front steps leading up to their front door which can be a major impediment for wheelchair users. The Sesame Access home lift is an ideal solution as it allows for a rising front step which can be used to reach the front door and is easy to access and control for the convenience of both wheelchair users and pedestrians. Many public buildings have installed platform lifts that serve a very similar purpose but there is some way to go before houses become equally wheelchair friendly with a unique, reliable and bespoke Sesame Access System. We at Sesame are determined to bridge this gap in the very near future.

Please select the following link for information on our disabled chair lifts, just one of the endless possibilities with Sesame Access. Alternatively give us a call and we can explain the range of bespoke lifts we offer to overcome a change in levels where the staircase must be left in place and planning officers would not allow modifications to the aesthetics of the staircase. Sesame’s goal is to work closely with the client, architect and planning officers to ensure we supply exactly what the client is looking for.


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