Platform stairlifts can be tweaked to fit its location with personalized sizes

Platform stair lift


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Often when thinking about the idea of a platform stair lift you could regard it as a risky, expensive investment that would require much refurbishment in order to complement its surroundings, thus ensuring that it isn’t regarded as a tacky add-on. By contrast, Sesame Access’ lifts are hand made here in the UK using local suppliers for all of the equipment and qualified engineers with many years of experience. This helps ensure that you can be guaranteed a reliable, top quality product that both you and the end user will love.

When choosing a platform stair lift there is a limited number of products out there. Usually a lift will rise vertically up to a higher landing level. However there is the demand for a lift to rise over existing stairs, which is where Sesame comes in.

We don’t have a set outdoor stairlift for each site, our clients can get their lift completely personalised to its’ surroundings and decide what features to install. This includes the lift rise height, rising barriers, safety railings, button posts and automated gate mechanisms, amongst many others. Our platform stair lifts can be built and installed in anything from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on what the customer requires.

Other styles include lifts made up of just a rising platform, stairs that lower to form a platform themselves and even lifts concealed behind a false wall panel. Each of our platform stair lifts can be tweaked to fit its location, with completely personalised sizes, features and looks to make sure that your building’s heritage and prestige is maintained, with our lifts even enhancing the location in many cases.

The foldable platform stair lift has a low lifting capacity. These structural loading restrictions also apply to the track that supports the platform. On top of this, the mechanism used to raise or lower the lift from one level to the other can be fabricated to a low safe working capacity for the site. Naturally this can wear over time which is one of the reasons why we restrict the lifting load. Although it is feasible for the Sesame platform stair lift to support any load of up to 2 tonnes, we usually restrict the lifting capacity to a safe working load of 350kg to conform to British Standards. There are occasions where clients have requested special permission to increase the capacity as larger heavy units are required to travel on the lift. For example, one platform stair lift that Sesame built was for lifting grand pianos.

Galleries, town halls and other important buildings such as Tate, Eton College and The Institution of Civil Engineers have already installed our made-to-measure platform stair lifts in their locations since they can allow more disabled people to visit their sites whilst maintaining the integrity of their surroundings. We are also building home lifts that can be installed in a domestic property. Please click here to view our product brochure, or else find out how much your lift will cost here.


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