Stair Lift prices calculated using an intricate pricing system

Stair lift prices


Each lift is priced very carefully, to make sure the client never stumbles upon additional, unmentioned invoices. Find out more about our process here

When it comes to deciding stair lift prices and shapes, all too often it is based on a “one size fits all” method designed for mass production which is calculated using a general project costing system for the whole lift. This system for determining stair lift prices has a number of major drawbacks, one of which is the lack of specific information about each element of the final product. The method for building and installing lifts is a long drawn-out process lasting anything from a couple of weeks to a year, during which time each component of the lift is built in turn including the floor, the barrier, the rising mechanism, the ceiling, the control buttons and so on.

The flat walls and floors are some of the easier components to build as a result of the simple geometry and the ease in which they can be fitted together. Parts requiring more finesse such as the barrier or the control buttons present different problems to the engineers and might take longer to build to the required standard. As such, when stair lift prices are calculated, this information can get lost in the general picture which means that companies would be overlooking a lot of useful financial feedback. There is no assurance that each section of the lift is priced properly and this leads to many problems deciding how to allocate time correctly.

The other concern is the limits imposed on prospective customers when it comes to getting a reliable lift installed. Clients have to ensure that their location is suitable for a lift which can lead to lots of papers to sign and potentially having to do their own building work before the lift is ready to be installed. A lot of time is wasted in the process and these worries put many customers off from getting a lift installed.

For large companies there are ways around these problems, however, smaller companies it would be harder to afford the above risks and try to remain profitable.

At Sesame, our stair lift prices are calculated using an intricate pricing system which evaluates each element of the final product. Each component has its unique pricing value based on how long it takes to build, combining the components results in our stair lift price which is what we show to each of our customers. Our years of experience in building our bespoke lifts means that our prices have been thoroughly tried and tested to provide a very competitive rate.

Our stair lift prices are very adaptable since every lift that we make is unique, customers can add or remove additional lift parts and we build the lift to their requirements. This highlights our philosophy that the lift should be built according to the client’s needs and not the other way around.

Our website shows the types of lift platforms that we have already built and the ways that we can customise a lift to any client’s requirements. For more information on our lifts, please visit our Technical Information page.


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