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Stairlifts for sale


Our lifts can modernise or maintain the authenticity of structures around the world. Have a look at more of our projects here

The early 1920s was a dark spot on the history of Pennsylvania. The Great War was only just over and populations were beginning to merge. Soldiers settled in war-torn countries, refugees sought solace in foreign lands and collapsing empires gave birth to young, confused countries. Money was scarce and patience hung by a thread, which gave birth to something many times more sinister.

In 1923, an unimportant and otherwise unknown man from Pittsburgh, T.P Branch rented an office in Oil City, Pennsylvania, and established that sector of the infamous and uninspiring organised hate group, the Ku Klux Klan, better known as the KKK. Throughout the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan wreaked havoc throughout Pennsylvania and much of the Southern area of North America with their traditional ‘bed linen’ style robes and burning crosses, making life a misery for innocent refugees from war torn countries. With over 3 million members, the KKK seemed to be gradually engulfing America in unnecessary hate. However, through the chaos and darkness, in a small corner of Pennsylvania, a single business entrepreneur could be heard uttering a single, enlightening cry:

‘Stairlifts for sale’

Much like here at Sesame Access, C.C Crispen, the afore-mentioned entrepreneur from Pennsylvania came across the idea of a stairlift when witnessing the difficulties of a close but ailing friend in getting up and down staircases. Crispen’s aim was not only to help his personal friends but to open the door towards having stairlifts for sale throughout the country and beyond. Almost 100 years on and we are living witnesses of the dream of C.C Crispen being a roaring success, whilst the dark and soulless aims of the Ku Klux Klan are but a forgettable memory.

Sesame Access began its life in much the same way as C.C Crispen’s maiden company, Inclinator. Our founder and current owner, Charlie Lyons, witnessed the difficulties of a friend in accessing many different buildings and public areas, due to the undeserved handicap of being confined to a wheelchair. Charlie made it his desire and aim to invent and supply a unique and bespoke form of wheelchair lift that could be installed anywhere throughout any building. Thus Sesame Access joined the ever increasing cry of ‘Stairlift For Sale!’

Sesame is capable of designing, building and installing a stairlift so unique and so bespoke that it can fit and hide perfectly and invisibly with any environment. Due to our style of build that leaps forward into the 22nd century, you may never know whether anyone has answered Sesame Access’ call of stairlifts for sale, unless you spot a wheelchair user trying to get in. Our lifts can maintain the beauty and architectural merit of any listed building throughout the country, or even the world. Our lifts can spearhead the charge in modern building design in any office block, institution or even household in the world. Our lifts are the most bespoke unique and unmatched lifts in this country or anywhere abroad. When we shout stairlifts for sale, we shout the loudest. We have the most to offer. We are Sesame Access.

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