Westminster Equality Act Stairlift near University of London

The Sesame Westminster Equality Act Stairlift near the University of London

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The Sesame Westminster Equality Act Stairlift is installed in a Grade II* listed building situated near the university of London.

The building won the Highly Commended category of the Historic England Listed Building Award 2019. The Historic England Listed Building Highly Commended accolade was due to the high-quality accessibility features which accommodates all guests, including those with disabilities, this includes Accessible self-parking, Accessible rooms wide paths and a Marble clad Sesame Access Equality Act Stairlift at the front entrance.

Our award-winning Sesame access Equality Act Stairlift lift was installed at the front entrance, enabling guests to glide effortlessly into and out of the listed building in style.

Sesame's innovative wheelchair lift technology has made it a lot more suitable and convenient for people with disabilities that wish to enter the building.

A visitor that requires wheelchair access was really impressed with sesames Equality Act Stairlift . She wrote ‘when we arrived, I thought how on earth am I going to get up those steep steps (IE I was assuming they would put down a ramp, but it was going to be very steep...) But Walter - who was very helpful throughout our stay - pressed a button and half the stairs retracted and turned into a wheelchair lift! So impressed’.

Adam Hylands (www.diversityandability.com) Using The Sesame Westminster Equality Act Stairlift

Externally, the building is distinctively covered in decorative which has been extensively cleaned and restored where possible, Sesames wheelchair lift blended impeccably in the existing building decoration which was a key success factor to this project.

The Equality Act Stairlift lift was installed within 3 weeks of refurbishment.

The 9 step Westminster Equality Act stairlift uses three automatic rising barriers that rise 1100mm on the lift to fully enclose the user. For more information please click on lift barriers.

The lift table can be made to accept any cladding, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth.


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