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Sesame Access at Giants Spectacular in Liverpool

Sesame Access attended the Giants Spectacular in Liverpool weekend of 26th July 2014. The event was performed by Royal de Luxe, a French performance group led by Jean-Luc Courcoult their writer-director, and was hosted by Liverpool Council.

Three giant puppets : Grandmother, Little Girl Giant and their dog Xolo, walked through the heart of the city, telling their story of the First World War. Grandmother Giant also had a giant wheelchair, for when she needed to rest.

Alison Lyons, Director of Commercial Development Sesame Access said “The event was amazing and nothing like I had seen before. The Royal de Luxe puppeteers did an incredible job. As ever, the streets of Liverpool were crowded with families supporting the event. It was a great event. I particularly loved Grandmother’s wheelchair. I wonder what wheelchair access was like in the early 20th century ”.

28 July 2014

a model giant in the streets of liverpool


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