Bespoke lifts conforming to European Standards EN 81-41

Our lifts are CE Marked. CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market.

Sesame lifts comply with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), including the relevant Harmonised Standards e.g. EN 81-41 which is the safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts. Special lifts for the transport of persons and goods. Vertical lifting platforms intended for use by persons with impaired mobility.

The Sesame lifts would be covered in the vertical lifting platforms section of EN 81-41 it regulates short rise lifts with a travel speed of less than 150mm per second. The patented Sesame toe guard or wheelstop, included in many Sesame lifts, is covered within EN 81-41

The British Standard BS 6440:2011 “powered vertical lifting platforms having non-enclosed or partially enclosed liftways intended for use by persons with impaired mobility is very closely related to EN 81-41. As Sesame Access Systems Ltd is a British registered company it is able to export of products to the EU. Any specific requirements needed to comply with domestic codes and regulations can be allowed for during the design stage, as each Sesame lift is made bespoke to suit the customer's exact requirement.

Sesame has issued a Declaration of Conformity to prove we comply with European Standards, including European CE mark. Sesame Access is able to translate our Declaration of Conformity into any European language for local compliance certificates.