How do the Stairlifts lifts work?

The following is a list of procedures for one of our more typical lifts know as the Sesame Mayfair Stairlift

1. The wheelchair user approaches the lift, and pushes "Call for Assistance" button
2. A trained member of staff then turns the lift on via the keyswitch
3. A trained member of staff presses and releases "Call Lift" on the upper landing button
station, causing the gate to open
4.The wheelchair user can move onto the lift platform. Once they are safely on
the lift platform, they must apply the brakes on their wheelchair
5. The trained member of staff presses and holds "Call Lift" button. This closes the gate and
instructs the lift to start travelling between levels. Once the lift reaches the upper or lower landing, the gate will automatically open
6. The wheelchair user releases the brakes on their wheelchair and moves off the
lift platform.
7. If the wheelchair user has exited the platform at upper landing, the
trained member of staff pushes and holds "Lift Down" to return the lift to its resting
8. The completion of the travel cycle will shut the lift down, or it will automatically shut down if left idle for 5 minutes.