Edinburgh Access Lift In London

The Edinburgh Access Lift is a vertically retracting set of stairs with two or three small treads followed by one large tread. This product was designed to suit listed buildings across the UK.

Minimum horizontal pit length

1 200 mm

Minimum platform size

1 768 mm x 936 mm

Maximum rise

999 mm

Minimum pit depth below lower landing

1 472 mm + revêtement


The Lift & Stairs

The Edinburgh Access Lift uses the bottom step as a wheelstop to prevent wheelchair wheels from rolling off the lift table. This step will rise 100mm above the platform.

The wheelstop mechanism requires a 1650mm pit depth. If this space is an issue the system can be replaced with an automatic toe guard that rises through the bottom step, but will be seen when the stairs are at rest.

The lift itself (the larger step) actually only requires a pit depth of 400mm for a rise of 0mm - 750mm. For a rise between 750mm - 999mm the pit depth would be 550mm.

The lift table and stairs can be made to accept any cladding material, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth.

Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift and stairs can very due to site requirement, however they are more than or equal to:

1831mm (l) x 1010mm (w) x 0-999mm. The length dimension is made up of the large tread and two smaller treads.

The Edinburgh Access Lift can have one, two, three or even four standard size treads accompanying the larger lift tread.

Please click on The Lifting Actuator link for more information on the mechanism used to raise and lower the access lift.

The Upper Landing Barrier

The Edinburgh Access Lift often uses the existing upper landing door as the upper landing barrier. This is due to the listed building requirements to keep a staircase looking exactly as it has for hundreds of years. However, this is not always the case.

Please see Upper Landing Barriers for more information.

User Type

The Edinburgh Access Lift is for wheelchair users only. Non wheelchair users are often presented with a wheelchair to travel whilst seated on this wheelchair access lift.

Please see on lift barriers for more information.

System Requirements

The Edinburgh Access Lift houses a solid stainless steel skirt below the lift. Please see Concealing the underside of the lift for more information.

For details on the power supply please see the lift power supply.

For general details on the pit depth please see the lift pit.

If the surrounding area presents a crush zone the lift table can be fitted with safety edges to detect an obstruction. Please see Crush hazards surrounding the moving lift for more information.

Please click on the The Sesame Stair Lift Controls for more information on the controls for this style of lift.

Variations to the Edinburgh Access Lift

Rather than the sites existing door acting as the upper landing barrier, the Sesame rising barrier can be used as seen here: Whitehall DDA Lift

The removable hand held post can be upgraded to a rising button post that rises through the lift platform. The post then retracts completely out of site when not in use, as seen here: Victoria Chair Lift in London 1058.

Alternatively the removable hand held post can be replaced with a permanent button post as seen here: Mayfair Stairlift. This system also requires a significantly shallower lift pit.

If you need to maintain the same layout of the staircase but do not have the vertical pit depth then the Kensington Stairlift in London 1052 is the answer.


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