All Sesame systems are made bespoke to suit the site they are to be installed in. For example, if a listed building has a staircase with two columns spaced 1047mm apart then the Sesame lift and retracting stairs would be made 1031mm wide to fit in between allowing for 8mm clearance gaps either side. However, this is still our retracting stair and/or platform foundation design.

Every now and then we are asked to create something out of the ordinary. When a client asked for the on lift button post to disappear, the rising button post was born. When a client asked for the gate to disappear, the rising barrier was born. When a site would not allow for the stairs to retract, the vertically retracting stairs were born.

All of our products have been developed over the years for clients who have challenged the norm.

Please see the following links for more examples of out of the ordinary bespoke lifts Whitechapel Lift in Paris & Trafalgar Wheelchair Platform Lift in London 1110

If you have a disabled access issue, whatever the available space, whatever the hurdle, please contact us to see if we can develop a bespoke lift for you.

Bespoke lift in clerkenwell
  • Minimum horizontal pit length


  • Minimum platform size


  • Maximum rise

    3 000 mm

  • Minimum pit depth below lower landing


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